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We must remember that it all begins with being honest with ourselves. Once we speak the truth we will then begin to heal,
because with healing comes a great sense of maturity, and that maturity brings about the evolution of you.


I, Wendy Whitmore, am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) & life coach and the owner & founder of Truth, Healing & Evolution Counseling Services. As an expert clinician & life coach, I work with my clients to develop their goals and tailor their treatment plan to meet their particular needs. As a wife, mother and business owner, I empathize with my clients and their daily struggle to maintain balance in their life, and I work with them to achieve a sense of emotional and mental stability.


In Their Words


I have only great things to say about Wendy. I met Wendy when she helped me with my then teen-age daughter (when I was having issues with her). Wendy really had an impact on my daughter, and helped me tremendously in coping as a single mother with her & the struggles she was experiencing. I have seen great improvement in my daughter’s attitude and the choices she has been making in her young adult life. I later pursued therapy with Wendy for my own needs and found that she challenged me and really made me think. She taught me how to see things in more positive light & how to apply optimism to my life.


Thanks to Wendy Whitmore, I now have healthy happy relationships with my adult children. She taught me the necessity for having healthy boundaries. She taught me to let go of the things I really couldn’t change, and do something about the things I could. I am proud of who I am today! I never thought in a million years I would ever say that! Wendy has truly gotten me and my family to a place of peace.

Thank you Wendy!! I appreciate all you have done.


“If it is not enhancing your life, it has no place in your life.”

Wendy Whitmore